Boomerang Scratch

Another DJ Flare invention, the Boomerang uses exactly the same cross fader motion as the 2 Click Flare but it starts from a different point in the motion. The Boomerang is a closed fader technique so the cross fader motion is:

  1. Open
  2. Close
  3. Tap

The record hand is also different, going forward and backwards in time with each cross fader move. This means that it has 2 phases to it:

  1. Forward phase (forwards, backwards, forwards)
  2. Backwards phase (backwards, forwards, backwards)

I personally love this technique. It just sounds cool. If you’ve got your 2 Click Flares down, you just need to get used to this technique and then you should be able to bring it up to speed nice and quick because you’ll realise you know how to do 50% of it at speed already.


Intro (00:06)

Technique (00:33)

Timing (02:41)

  • 16th note rhythms 
  • 32nd note rhythms 

Variation: Accenting (03:46)

What level are you? (04:18)

  1. Technique (no music)
  2. 8th note rhythm
  3. Triplets (8th note)
  4. Accents and pitch
  5. 32nd note rhythm

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