Everyone is a DJ these days.

But not everyone is a Turntablist.

Scratching and turntablism are DJ performance tools that you can use to differentiate yourself and make any track or performance your own.

...And I've made it really easy for you to master the skill of scratching in double time.

Welcome. My Scratch Academy is the result of combining my 20+ years experience as a Scratch DJ and my 10+ years experience as a qualified Psychologist specialising in high performing talent and learning. I've built a carefully curated course that leverages ~50 years of cutting edge research into who gets to the top and how they get there. And the truth - it's not because they were born with it, it's because they put in the time and focused on the right things.

My course will take you from zero to mastery in the shortest possible time.

You will learn over 35 scratch techniques and how to apply them musically. Every step you take will be small and logical, making levelling up simple. Each technique has levels of proficiency so it's easy to track your progress.

You will learn how to work with your brain and muscle memory to learn faster than anyone else.

You will learn how to use "deliberate practice" to break through any plateau and you will always know what level you are at and what to focus on next.

All of this means you will see results incredibly quickly.

Enrol now and become the scratch master we both know you can be.


Beginners who want to master scratching fast

Scratching can seem complex and daunting and it can be easy to miss crucial steps in your learning.

I take you from beginner to expert via a carefully curated journey where every step is as small, logical and digestible as possible. By using the techniques in my course, you will be able to learn faster than everybody else.

Experienced scratchers who are struggling to get to the next level

Feel like you're just doing the same things over and over? And can't seem to get any further?

I use a number of learning techniques from the science of high performance to help you break through those barriers. I also show you all the variations you can do to breathe fresh life into the stuff you already know.

Time strapped DJs who want to be scratch masters fast

Maybe you have kids, or DJing is your hobby/side hustle so just can't take all your time. You want to be brilliant at scratching but with much less time commitment.

I've cracked the code for learning incredibly quickly, where time at the decks is extremely limited. And it's not rocket science - it's just about training in a way that aligns with how your brain learns, rather than going against it.


20 years experience as a Scratch DJ & Turntablist

Music Producer with releases on Toast & Jam Recordings (San Francisco based Breakbeat label) and Thick Boy Records (Bristol based Bass House and UK Garage label)

Qualified Psychologist, specialising in high performing talent and learning with over 10 years experience leveraging applied psychology to enable individuals to break through learning barriers and reach their goals faster

Founder of the Scratch Cafe, Bristol's monthly scratch jam

2023 BeatTrekkers Metaverse Battle Champion

2023 Portablist Lounge Top 16

My personal journey with scratching was that I picked up some basics quite quickly, but then plateaued for many years and saw people I felt were less skilled than me surpass me. It killed my motivation and I stopped for several years.

When I qualified as a Psychologist I discovered research that showed elite performers have unparalleled passion and perseverance, they adopt a 'growth mindset' and use 'deliberate practice'. I finally realised why my skills had plateaued.

In the 3 years that followed, my skill level skyrocketed. I started competing in battles (placing and even winning some) and my records started to get signed by labels I respected. And the crazy part is that I spent less time at the decks during that 3 years than the previous 17 years. I just spent that time wisely, in a focused manner.

It is my mission to pass this learning onto the community and next generation of Scratch DJs so they can push the art form forward.

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Check out the course content below. You can preview a module in each section so you can get a feel for the content and my teaching style

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